A Review of Jewish Commentary on the Messiah - revised
(part of the TAAM hub - Torah Answers for Anti-Missionaries)
By Hannah Weiss

Below, in full, is an e-mail sent to us in November 2012 by Restorers of Zion. This is printed with permission of RZ with whom we cooperate. By following the link you will find the very informative, important and useful article on the Restorers of Zion website, together with other information from their ministry.

Greetings to all Restorers of Zion around the world! 

The original article by this name, which has been on the RZ site since 2/12, has now been extensively revised and expanded.

And what an adventure it has been!  This project took around half a year to complete, and it required not only intense research effort but spiritual warfare in order to see it through to the end.

(When you see the results, you won't have to ask why...)
Here are the main changes:

* All rabbinic quotes and references have been checked against source documents, and verified as genuine.  A few that could not be located were deleted, in order to maintain the highest research integrity possible.

 * As a result of this cross-checking, quite a few English quotes were discovered to have been either mistranslated or selectively quoted, which often watered down the full Messianic-Jewish impact of the comment. These have been revised to communicate more accurately what the sages taught.

 * New material was discovered and added, which strengthens our case for presenting Yeshua as the Messiah the Jewish sages were expecting. (The Body of Messiah has NO IDEA how "mainstream Torah" it is to call Yeshua G-D.)

 * Nearly every quote is now linked to the original source document - in Hebrew or Aramaic - so that those able to read rabbinic material can see for themselves what it really says.

Gone are the days when these rabbinic comments could be dismissed by anti-missionaries with the breezy answer: "If you believers had the skill to read the original Hebrew, you would see that you've been misled..."  NEWS FLASH:  It is the Torah community who has been misled!

We can rejoice that G-d has preserved a witness of His Son Yeshua Ha-Notzri in the rabbinic community.  It is time to restore that testimony, for the sake of our Jewish brethren who have avoided Him under the mistaken impression that the sages who knew Torah disproved His claims.

Read it and be enriched in your faith.  

Pass it on to believers and non-believers - even to your "favorite" anti-missionary. 

And please pray for the translation of this entire research piece into Hebrew (now in process).

with blessing and joy,
Hannah Weiss
for RZ
Restorers of Zion on-line network: http://www.restorersofzion.org