Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity
Clifford Denton

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, whilst seeming to make significant advances in physics, clouds the mind on how the universe works and on what foundation it is built. Relative thinking is the enemy of absolute principles in morals as well as science. Faith is built on absolutes. Psalm 19, for example, would not lead to theories of relativity. Francis Pym and I spent time together considering Einstein's theory of Special Relativity and wrote a short book to demonstrate that Einstein need not have moved away from absolute measurements to found his theories. The book entitled Absolute Space and Time is available through Amazon or can be read and downloaded from www.absolutespaceandtime.com.

We have also produced a short video on YouTube to introduce the book. It is to be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Men9inRpFlI