Below are descriptions of further courses to which you can apply. Please apply via the form at the bottom of the page, or click the button to be taken to the form.

Hebrew and Greek
The New Testament came to us first in Greek, but Hebrew is the foundational language of the Bible. We recommend studying Hebrew first and then Greek to whatever level is appropriate for each student. Various courses are available and we can advise on this.

This is a set of notes to help mentors gain a perspective on how to fulfil their role. How does a student become a mature disciple of the Lord with the help of his mentor? These notes will help bring a balance to this ministry.

Torah Notebook
The course illustrates how Bible themes interweave through the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, and encourages the student to search the Scriptures for himself, realising that there are an uncountable number of such themes in the tapestry of Scripture.

Christianity’s Relationship with Israel and the Jews
The course explores the separation between Christianity and its original foundations. Already, by the third century AD, there was separation between the Christian Church and the Jews. Thereafter, through the influence of a number of Christian Councils, theology and practice became more and more allied with Greek philosophy and Roman influence. One result has been anti-Semitism in the Church, another, replacement theology. By understanding both historical and theological reasons for this we are in a better position to restore what has been lost or neglected. This in-depth course of study explores this important theme.

The Family of God
This course encourages the student to consider believers as one family. The theme of family threads its way throughout the entire Bible.

Further Studies
Over one, two or three years the student is encouraged to study the entire Bible in a balanced way, develop Bible themes, write papers, prepare talks or notes for leading study groups, and to prepare dissertations on major Bible themes. We do not award academic degrees because our goal is to prepare our students for ministry rather than to gain qualification of an academic nature. However, the opportunity is offered to achieve excellence to the standards set for Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degrees in the best universities and colleges.

Please tell us about yourself, family, fellowship, experience as a disciple of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah), where you live, how far you have progressed with your studies and your reasons for applying to Tishrei Bible School. 

Application for Further Studies