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  • Scientist finds faith

    Then discovers his atheist childhood friend has also found Christ. By Charles Gardner. NEW YORK, May 2, 2023 – Two young friends raised as atheist communists in 1960s America went their separate ways, only to rediscover each other decades later through social media. And though living thousands of miles apart, both had become Christians! Retired […]

  • The Cross and the Crown

    King Charles III will be anointed with oil from the Mount of Olives. By Charles Gardner. LONDON, May 2, 2023 – The coronation taking place in Westminster Abbey this Saturday is not just about the crowning of a new king. If the service follows precedent, it will also be much focused on the King of […]

  • Battle of Britain

    Islam’s increasing influence is backed up by political correctness by Charles Gardner The election of a Muslim as First Minister of Scotland has come as quite a shock to the British public in general, though few would probably admit it. Not many were even aware that Humza Yousaf was in the wings for leadership of […]

  • Britain’s Betrayal

    Bible believers prepared Israel for statehood; then we stopped listening to God. By Charles Gardner. LONDON, April 20, 2023 – With the 75th anniversary of Israel’s re-birth fast approaching, it is surely time to re-examine her close links with Britain, both positive and otherwise. Looking back – especially to the century preceding the rise of […]

  • The Way Of Peace

    Abraham’s family find healing and reconciliation through Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice. By Charles Gardner. With so much misinformation circulating in the media about the ongoing Middle East conflict, where Israel is perennially portrayed as the great bully, there is another story! Amidst the storm of Temple Mount riots, along with mass anti-government protests and brutal terrorist […]

  • The Pursuit of Kindness

    There was a day when it was said in Israel that ‘God has come to help his people’. By Charles Gardner. LONDON, April 11, 2023 – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the mole asks a lost little boy in a cracking new story now adapted for the screen. “Kind” is […]

  • An Easter Sacrifice

    Paying the price for standing up to the Nazis. By Charles Gardner. The approach to Passover and Easter is a good time to remember the extreme bravery of German pastor Paul Schneider, who almost single-handedly stood up to Nazi brutality in the years immediately preceding World War II. He paid with his life, murdered by […]

  • Appointment in Jerusalem

    ‘Be careful what you pray,’ says headteacher who once prayed for good school heads. By Charles Gardner. DONCASTER, England, March 22, 2023 – A headteacher who had been looking forward to retirement for most of her career had a shock in store. Once retired, Rosemary Saunders heard the Lord calling her to Jerusalem to answer […]

  • Apartheid lies exposed

    Black South African campaigner shocked by Israel’s integration. By Charles Gardner. As the battle for truth hots up, I am hugely encouraged by the story of a black fellow South African whose view on Israel has been turned upside down. It’s a stirring reminder that when gospel truth was first proclaimed in power and authority, […]

  • The Apple Core

    Feasting on the fruit, but rejecting the seed. By Charles Gardner. A Messianic Jewish friend of mine suggested to me last weekend that the world’s relationship to Israel is rather like the way we treat apples. We gladly feast on the nourishing flesh produced by the fruit, but throw away the core, along with its […]