This section of the website holds an archive of articles which were published in the Tishrei Journal. The earliest version of the journal began in the month of Tishrei 1992, with the purpose of exploring the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. These articles represent the beginning of what is being fulfilled in The Tishrei Bible School. Many of these articles raise questions of continuing relevance. By browsing through the various sections, viewing titles of the articles and opening those which are of particular interest, can be a help to those who are asking questions relating to the origins of the Christian Faith and the continuing relationship with Messianic Jews.

  • 1. Restoring the Roots

    Let me first make a clear statement. Unless a fellowship or a believer responds to the call to be grafted properly into the Saviour (John 15:6), which is symbolised by being properly grafted into the same olive tree as the Jewish believers (Romans 11) then, in the coming days, there is the danger of being […]

  • 10. The Pruning of God’s Revelatory-Redemptive Olive Tree: Contrasting Ebionism and Marcionism

    Kevin Spawn This paper explores Ebionism and Marcionism, two early church heresies which depict the two most antithetical forms of the Judaism-OT and Christianity-NT breach in early Christianity. Ebionism’s philo-Semitlism and Marcionism’s chagrin for the Jewish roots of Christianity are discussed and shown to be antecedents to certain contemporary heretical conceptions; special emphasis is given […]

  • 100. Famines and Earthquakes

    Lyson Moyo One of the signs our Lord Jesus Christ talks about in Matthew 24 is hearing of famines, pestilence and earthquakes – 24:7. These are the things to happen as the Day of Our Lord draws near. It is evident that the Bible has recorded such happenings of famines, pestilences, land sinking down and […]

  • 101. Hope for Those Without Hope

    Anna Hanninen I’m grateful for the possibility given to me to write for the Tishrei Journal and to be able to share between the readers the matter God has laid on my heart very strongly. It concerns the distress of the poor and in many ways suffering children in different parts of the world. I […]

  • 11. Israel: Antisemitism Notwithstanding

    Dov Chaikin If you knew the attributes which they attributed to their God, those which they wanted and those which they have adorned Him with, then you would certainly be astounded. Jehovah, Lord of Hosts, Lord of Israel, commands them to smear their houses with sheep’s blood in order to save their sons and let […]

  • 12. The Battle with Humanism: Greek Philosophy versus Hebrew Faith

    Clifford Denton The conflict between the Kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of Heaven has been compared with Charles Dickens study of conflicts in “A Tale of Two Cities”. In our case, however, the two cities are Athens and Jerusalem, or, possibly, Rome and Jerusalem. Greece and Rome are linked together because of the […]

  • 13. The Messiah

    Arnold G Fruchtenbaum What do Jews think about Jesus? There is no uniform Jewish opinion concerning the person of Jesus. The views range from “he never existed” to “a great Jewish prophet. The variety of Jewish views concerning Jesus becomes apparent when one looks through the books on Jesus in a Jewish library. Not uniformity […]

  • 14. Restoration of the Feasts of the Lord

    Clifford Denton Imagine the whole world living in submission to God, abiding in the saving grace of Yeshua Hamashiach by the power of the Holy Spirit. Suppose that the Church had not distanced itself from its Jewish roots. From among the appointed Feasts of the Lord, consider, for example, what the Sabbath Day would be […]

  • 15. The Sabbath (Which Means “Rest”)

    Christopher Barder This is a most wonderful feast of the Lord. Keeping it is a Divine commandment. We know that it echoes God’s own behaviour, for He rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2) Himself. It looks forward to the great millennial reign of Jesus and it therefore speaks of the end of the six […]

  • 16. Feasts and Fellowship

    Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum This study is on the Feasts of Israel, or perhaps more specific, the prophetic significance of the Feasts of Israel as they are contained in Leviticus 23 where Moses spelled out the seven holy seasons of Israel. At the same time these seven feasts or holy seasons of Israel are an outline […]