This section of the website holds an archive of articles which were published in the Tishrei Journal. The earliest version of the journal began in the month of Tishrei 1992, with the purpose of exploring the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. These articles represent the beginning of what is being fulfilled in The Tishrei Bible School. Many of these articles raise questions of continuing relevance. By browsing through the various sections, viewing titles of the articles and opening those which are of particular interest, can be a help to those who are asking questions relating to the origins of the Christian Faith and the continuing relationship with Messianic Jews.

  • 99. The Word Living in us

    Arye Powlison If someone speaks to us about the Word of G-d, we often think first about our Bibles. If so, it is probably because this is the most frequent way that we hear it used. But the Word which John says that he touched with his hands was Messiah: “That which was from the beginning, […]