Category: No. 2

  • 73. The Effect of the Concept of Inner and Outer Court Worship on Christian Music Styles

    Merla Watson The following article is the transcript of a talk given by Merla Watson at the De Bron Conference Centre in Holland during the Feast of Tabernacles celebration, and seminars on our Jewish heritage as Christians, in 1995. Merla and Merv Watson are professional musicians who live in Israel and also have, their ministry […]

  • 72. The Divinity of Yeshua our Lord in Biblical Context

    Joseph Shulam The problem of understanding the relationship of God and the Messiah has plagued the Christian world since the second century. And, I personally have suffered greatly as a result of controversy around this subject. I have been accused by some leaders in the Christian community of not believing that Yeshua is divine. However, […]

  • 71. Division and the Unity of God

    Clifford Denton There is no doubt that division characterises much of what we experience on this earth. Indeed, from the time of Adam, man has been alienated from God. Furthermore, division is a device of Satan in the spiritual conflict. Things are not as they could have been and, yet, we tend to accept things […]

  • 69. Romans 2:16 and the Son of Man

    Hilary Le Cornu The meaning of the term “Son of Man” in the New Testament has long been debated. Since it is only found in the mouth of Yeshua, it has become the focus of christological speculation, linked with the issue of Yeshua’s self-awareness. Scholars are divided, however, over whether it is a messianic title […]

  • 68. Son of Man/Son of God, Editorial

    Clifford Denton It has not been easy to put this edition together. I resolved to do something, when the issue of the doctrine of the Trinity was questioned by friends who are keen to rediscover the Biblical origins of our Faith. However, it is not easy to unpack the whole subject safely, and I do […]