Study and prayer go together. If our lives are strongly founded on the truths of the Bible we are equipped to discern the times in which we live and thereby turn our understanding into prayer. We are to be like watchmen on the walls of the city fulfilling our Lord’s command to watch and pray. We live in momentous days with signs all around that the prophecies leading up to the return of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) will soon be fulfilled. When Israel returned to the Land after nearly two thousand years, a major sign was in the earth. Now with the falling away among the Gentile nations, we must be alert, both as a prophetic and intercessory people.

In this section of the website will be found articles to encourage the ministry of the watchman.

‘Israel has sinned’.

Messianic leaders call for national repentance. by Charles Gardner. Messianic congregations in Israel have been called to three days of fasting and prayer, focusing on repentance among themselves as well as the nation. The stirring call, signed by several dozen leaders, said the October 7th massacre had come about because of sin in the land […]

A Sign of the Times – Medallion Class. – September 4, 2023.

By Clifford Denton.

The picture is of a medallion which is, from this year, being issued on some Princess Cruises. One books a holiday cruise and then sends all the usual information that a holiday company […]

Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry The Jerusalem Prayer List – September 1, 2023.

By Joseph Shulam.

The Source of Our Salvation The reading of this next Shabbat is named Ki Tavo, from the Torah we read from Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8. From the Prophets (The Haftarah) is from Isaiah 60:1-22 and from the Gospel […]