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    Amsterdam’s living hell gives way to heaven’s blessings. by Charles Gardner. While hate-filled demonstrators call for Israel’s destruction in London and elsewhere, the streets of Amsterdam are regularly blessed by Dutch Christians praising the Lord in the beauty of his holiness. As I write, I am freshly inspired by watching (on YouTube) the Presence Praise […]

  • ‘Israel has sinned’.

    Messianic leaders call for national repentance. by Charles Gardner. Messianic congregations in Israel have been called to three days of fasting and prayer, focusing on repentance among themselves as well as the nation. The stirring call, signed by several dozen leaders, said the October 7th massacre had come about because of sin in the land […]


    Britain meekly surrenders to the Islamic agenda. by Charles Gardner. The antisemitic message projected onto Big Ben has understandably provoked much outrage in Britain. It is a shameful betrayal of the Jewish people, and not for the first time in our nation. Pro-Palestinian protestors managed to light up the iconic clock tower with the message […]

  • Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.

    February 23, 2024. By Joseph Shulam – From Mount Juliet, Tennessee, USA Yesterday afternoon, we arrived in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. We are in the home of our son and daughter-in-law. We had a good night’s sleep and are ready to do the Jerusalem Prayer List from Middle Tennessee. I woke up this morning and had a […]

  • ‘Don’t mention the war!’

    Churches get involved in a ludicrous comedy of errors. by Charles Gardner. LONDON, February 22, 2024 – It’s one of the most well-known lines from one of the best-loved British television comedies of all time – the 1970s series of Fawlty Towers featuring the hapless Basil Fawlty (played by John Cleese) running a shambles of […]


    The Father longs for the return to the fold of the Prodigal Son. by Charles Gardner. The question of whether Jesus is for the Jewish people has come up again of late. It is, of course, a very crucial one. The call from Orthodox Jew Jonathan Feldstein for evangelists to come and preach Jesus to […]


    As Pharaoh’s heart hardens, freedom comes into view. by Charles Gardner. As Pharaoh’s heart hardens, as it were, we can expect things to get worse before they improve. The plagues will be increasingly severe. Today’s Pharaoh is embodied by the evil antisemitic spirit encircling the globe. But the new Red Sea crossing is already coming […]


    Jesus lifted high on the streets of Amsterdam as Christians pray for Israel. by Charles Gardner. AMSTERDAM, January 23, 2024 – It was in the ‘open square of the city’ that Mordecai sat in sackcloth and ashes wailing over the plot to destroy the Jews of ancient Persia (Esther 4:6). And Queen Esther’s guardian was […]

  • Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.

    January 26. By Joseph Shulam. We are still deep in the mega-epic events of the Exodus, Passover, and the crossing of the Red Sea. How much of this story do we believe, take seriously, and celebrate?    I have watched the movie “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS,” made in Hollywood, with Charleston Heston as Moses more than […]


    What the great Middle East shake-up is all about. by Charles Gardner. It takes a brave soul to try summing up the background to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But my good Aussie friend Kelvin Crombie has met the challenge with great distinction in a 52-page (16,000-word) paper designed to put the record straight. Of Aboriginal descent1, […]