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  • Resurrection hope.

    How calamity is followed by redemption in God’s calendar. by Charles Gardner. I was greatly shocked to hear of Yolanda Diaz, a Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, ending a speech on the Gaza War with the genocidal slogan “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea”.1 This of course is the Hamas chant that […]

  • The Fence is Creaking.

    NOW EVERYTHING CHANGES – Review by Charles Gardner. When a Palestinian flag is discovered flying on top of a remote hill in England’s beautiful Lake District, something is surely amiss. And it proves the trigger for one man’s search for truth in a world that has seemingly gone mad. A new book by prolific author […]


    Three Christian ladies who loved and served the Jewish people. by Charles Gardner. Sometimes I think we afford far too much attention to the heroic efforts of men in the long history of the church. So I am delighted to focus on three Gentile women whose love for the Jewish people made a significant impact […]

  • Israel’s war is our war.

    It’s time to turn the tide of this worldwide spiritual battle. by Charles Gardner. As we approach the 80th anniversary of D-Day – a military invasion that saved the free world – we are reminded how the Jewish state is currently performing a similar task on our behalf. The Nazi spirit is still alive, not […]

  • Insanity of the nations.

    Isn’t it time politicians sought wisdom from above? by Charles Gardner. As I awoke this morning, bleary-eyed, to an alarming end-time scenario, I once more found myself exclaiming with rising exasperation: “The world’s gone mad!” The news that Spain has recognised a Palestinian state looked like a signal for re-igniting the Spanish Inquisition that brought […]

  • Blood libel re-enacted.

    Ancient weapon wielded as raging protests continue. by Charles Gardner. As raging anti-Israel protests continue to be tolerated on London’s streets, there are growing signs that God is breaking through. Reports tell of smoke bombs and calls for “intifada revolution” by pro-Palestinian marchers at the weekend, and I notice that Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has […]

  • Iranian olive branch.

    Enemy of Israel turns friend through Yeshua. by Charles Gardner. Photograph: Charles Gardner Where terrified Israelis had only weeks earlier come under a hail of rockets from Iran, a young Iranian man brought a message of love, hope and reconciliation to the streets of Tel Aviv. Unashamed and unabashed, Rami declared how his life had […]


    It’s safer to take David’s side in a battle with Goliath. by Charles Gardner. Even on a short break in England’s stunning Lake District, I have been reminded once more of the ancient truth that if you bless the seed of Abraham, a blessing will return on your own heads (Genesis 12:3). In effect, it […]


    Pro-Israel Christians outraged by calls for Palestinian state recognition. by Charles Gardner. With the Australian government reported to be on the verge of rewarding Middle East terror with recognition of a Palestinian state, pro-Israel Christian leaders have responded with fury. “Are we now going to turn our backs on Israel and the Jewish people and […]

  • Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.

    What You Need for Passover at Home. by Yehuda Bachana Netivyah wishes you a happy and meaningful Pesach! The Passover Seder opens the biblical new year and includes reading from the Hagada, wine (or grapejuice), eating special foods, singing, and other Passover traditions. The Seder is held after nightfall on the first night of Passover […]