Category: No. 9

  • 100. Famines and Earthquakes

    Lyson Moyo One of the signs our Lord Jesus Christ talks about in Matthew 24 is hearing of famines, pestilence and earthquakes – 24:7. These are the things to happen as the Day of Our Lord draws near. It is evident that the Bible has recorded such happenings of famines, pestilences, land sinking down and […]

  • 99. The Word Living in us

    Arye Powlison If someone speaks to us about the Word of G-d, we often think first about our Bibles. If so, it is probably because this is the most frequent way that we hear it used. But the Word which John says that he touched with his hands was Messiah: “That which was from the beginning, […]

  • 97. The Anticipation of the Outpouring and Ingathering

    David Garnett (This article is a transcript of a talk given initially to a group who were praying for Israel, and later to a more general audience – in both cases it was found that explanation of terminology was beneficial and generally church history as a subject has been little taught.) Introduction As this journal […]