Category: No. 3

  • 79. Messiah’s Reign: Millenium or Kingdom?

    Eleni Matheson What did the Man from Nazareth teach about God’s kingdom? It was a subject dear to His heart. Almost all of the 84 references in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the terms “Kingdom of God or “Kingdom of Heaven” quote Yeshua’s own word. In the decades that followed, his […]

  • 78. The Bride and Bridegroom

    Randy Felton In Scripture we find many hints and comparisons about the relationship between God and his people as a Bridegroom and His Bride. This is a relationship we should be familiar with. One of the problems we have in our western culture is to interpret the Scripture in light of our own tradition or […]

  • 77. Thy Kingdom Come

    Bradford Young Like Jesus, the rabbis made frequent reference to “the Kingdom of Heaven.” A familiarity with the way “Kingdom of Heaven” is used in rabbinic literature is essential for understanding its use in the Gospels. A Hebrew benediction which appears quite frequently in rabbinic literature can help us grasp Jesus’ understanding of the Kingdom. […]

  • 76. The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like A Seine

    Mendel Nun The dragnet or seine is the oldest type of fishing net, and its use was once the most important fishing methods on the Sea of Galilee. In the Hebrew Scriptures and the Talmud it is called HE.rem, and the Greek, from which the word seine is derived. Sources such as Egyptian grave […]

  • 75. The Kingdom of God: God’s Power Among Believers

    Robert L. Lindsey One of the greatest theological controversies in the last century concerns the meaning of the terms “Kingdom of God” and “Kingdom of Heaven.” Because scholars have not given adequate attention to the fact that these are completely Hebraic terms, confusion has arisen concerning the period of time to which the Kingdom refers, […]

  • 74. Kingdom of Heaven

    Karl Coke Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. God created man to live in the “Kingdom of the World” with the principles from His “Kingdom of Heaven,” Man is created to live in both kingdoms simultaneously. In fact, man is […]