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  • 20. God’s Eternal Covenant with Israel

    David Pawson God’s eternal covenant with Israel – what a marvellous theme! But surely we can take what I say for granted? May we not assume that this is one subject on which we all agree? Have I not been given a “safe” topic? Actually, because it is so basic and also more complex than […]

  • 19. Greece, Rome and Jerusalem. Western Culture and the Jewish Origins of Christianity

    Christopher Barder The purpose of this article is to show that the Christian Church, and the society to which it has generally conformed, have for the most part been dominated by the thought world and cultural forms of Greece and Rome rather than by Christianity’s true Jewish background; and that consequently Christianity has suffered theologically […]

  • 7. Jewish Roots and Compassionate Community: Orphans in Biblical Society

    Marvin Wilson Summary Introduction From Bible times, the Jewish people have espoused concepts of justice and community life which are quite different from the individualism often characteristic of modern Western Christianity. The biblical emphasis of the Hebrews upon corporate life and mutual accountability allowed them to reach out with compassion to the powerless and poor […]

  • 6. Believing in the Evolution of Life – A Christian Option or Anathema?

    Michael Garton Summary Ancient Greek philosophy anticipated the conclusion of modern Darwinian evolution. This was not because of the extraordinary scientific foresight of the Greeks, but because their evolutionary philosophies have gripped Western civilisation; to them all scientific theories must subscribe. Inevitably, this has led to fallacious scientific reasoning. One illustration is the accepted myth […]

  • 5. Rabbinic Parallels in the Teaching of Jesus

    David Bivin Foreword One of the most important aspects of Jesus’ ministry is that He lived a full human life on earth. As such, He existed in an historical context – He was a Jew who spoke Hebrew and Aramaic and lived in the Land of Israel in the first century. He received a Jewish […]

  • 4. Hebrew Idioms in the Gospels

    David Bivin Introduction There are many expressions in the Greek texts of the synoptic Gospels that seem to derive from Hebrew idioms. These are phrases that mean something different from the literal meaning of the words they use. Every language has its own idioms, many of which seem strange when translated literally out of their […]

  • 2. New Beginning

    Dov Chaikin “This month shall be the beginning of months for you; it is to be the first month of the year to you” (Exodus 12:2 – NAS B). This is our introduction to the first month in the divine calendar. The name given to that month was “Aviv” (“spring”) (Exodus 13:4, 23:15, 34:18; Deuteronomy […]

  • 1. Restoring the Roots

    Let me first make a clear statement. Unless a fellowship or a believer responds to the call to be grafted properly into the Saviour (John 15:6), which is symbolised by being properly grafted into the same olive tree as the Jewish believers (Romans 11) then, in the coming days, there is the danger of being […]