Category: No. 2

  • 54. Midrashic Hermeneutics and Scriptural Inspiration

    Hilary Le Cornu This article addresses one of the key elements concerning the nature of Scripture as a sacred text: how it is inspired. To state its rather simple, yet indubitably challenging, thesis right at the beginning: our claim is that the “doctrine of Inspiration” is dependent upon a prior theory of hermeneutics which regards […]

  • 53. The Cross in the Torah: Imagery and Symbols

    Arye Powlison The Tree in the Garden The story of the cross began in the Garden of Eden when Eve, and then Adam, ate from the tree that had been forbidden to them by the Lord. Actually, it began even before that, when G-d forbade them to eat of it. Or did it begin even […]

  • 52. Torah Study

    Ariel Berkowitz If there is ever an area of misguided theological thinking for believers it is in the study of ”Torah.” In fact most evangelical Bible colleges and seminaries do not even have an area of study called “Torah.” In contrast, however, the study of Torah is one of three main areas of study in […]

  • 51. Torah

    John Garr The nature and extent of Torah’s ongoing relationship with the people of God has been the subject of intense debate in the Christian community since the first century C.E. From the earliest apostolic statements to the most recent ecclesiastical pronouncements, Torah (the law) has been relegated to varying positions in the economy of […]

  • 50. Torah

    Clifford Denton In every area of life we ask the question, “What shall we do in this situation?” There is often a right way and a wrong way, a safe way or an unsafe way. Decisions are part of life and we base our decisions on the philosophy of life we adopt. We can be […]