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  • 26. Is the Time Appropriate to Consider Restoring the Original Jewish Hermeneutics of the New Testament?

    Jacov Prasch Any casual reader of the New Testament immediately notices a major phenomenon out of character with Christian (including conservative evangelical) thought. Simply stated, the writers of the New Testament do not exegete various Old Testament passages they quote with the accepted rules of western grammatical-historical method and construction. A classical example commonly cited […]

  • 25. The Signs of the Messiah

    Risto Santala The following article is taken from a talk given to Messianic Jews in Moscow in Autumn 1992. The Christian dialogue with our Jewish brother is in fact easier than the approach to a Gentile. In I Corinthians 1:22 we read: “For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, […]

  • 24. The Messiah and the Scriptures: Some Reflections

    Christopher Barder The subject of the Messiah is the most important in the entire Bible. The unity of the Scriptures is nowhere more apparent than in the Messianic themes which appear continuously. There should be no title “Old Testament” and maybe even no title “New Testament”. Rather, both of these belong together. Both of them […]

  • 23. Christian Antisemitism: Its Consequences for the Church

    Richard Peterson Christian antisemitism, as we will see, involves much more than simple racism. Over the centuries it has left tragic scars, not only on the Jewish people, but also upon the Church. I hope to show how the Lord’s promise, that he will curse those who curse Abraham, has been tragically fulfilled in the […]

  • 22. Antisemitism: From the Personal to the International

    Christopher Barder Why can it seem difficult openly to buy the Jewish Chronicle? Why can it then feel necessary not to be seen carrying it? Why when having to tell someone that one is Jewish can it be difficult not to anticipate a negative response, with the possibility of rejection? The Jerusalem Post has to […]

  • 21. Antisemitism in Church History

    Hugh Wynne Non-Jewish people know very little of the ugly history of anti-Semitism, and even less of the part played by the historical churches in this sad story because it does not appear in school history books. It is shocking and unpleasant to recall, but everyone who claims to believe that Jesus, a Jew, is […]

  • 20. God’s Eternal Covenant with Israel

    David Pawson God’s eternal covenant with Israel – what a marvellous theme! But surely we can take what I say for granted? May we not assume that this is one subject on which we all agree? Have I not been given a “safe” topic? Actually, because it is so basic and also more complex than […]

  • 19. Greece, Rome and Jerusalem. Western Culture and the Jewish Origins of Christianity

    Christopher Barder The purpose of this article is to show that the Christian Church, and the society to which it has generally conformed, have for the most part been dominated by the thought world and cultural forms of Greece and Rome rather than by Christianity’s true Jewish background; and that consequently Christianity has suffered theologically […]

  • 13. The Messiah

    Arnold G Fruchtenbaum What do Jews think about Jesus? There is no uniform Jewish opinion concerning the person of Jesus. The views range from “he never existed” to “a great Jewish prophet. The variety of Jewish views concerning Jesus becomes apparent when one looks through the books on Jesus in a Jewish library. Not uniformity […]

  • 11. Israel: Antisemitism Notwithstanding

    Dov Chaikin If you knew the attributes which they attributed to their God, those which they wanted and those which they have adorned Him with, then you would certainly be astounded. Jehovah, Lord of Hosts, Lord of Israel, commands them to smear their houses with sheep’s blood in order to save their sons and let […]