Absolute Space and Time: A New Approach to the Speed of Light

by Clifford Denton and Francis Pym

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From the preface of the book…

The subject of Relativity is fundamental to the mental- paradigms that control our thinking in so many areas of life, that any challenge to its basic tenets has very far- reaching consequences. Even a non-scientist such as me can appreciate this much. What is especially important about the work of Francis Pym and Clifford Denton in their book Absolute Space And Time is that their proposals are so elementary.

To take but one example from their work; in any experiment that might be set up, we may only measure the average speed of light over its outward and return journeys combined, but how often do we acknowledge the crucial nature of this basic fact? When this truth and its consequences are set before us in such an illuminating manner, we begin to realise that hitherto we have failed to think about the key issues with any real clarity.

The two writers stimulate our minds immensely by presenting us with the very first First Principles that we have to deal with in a way which grips our imagination and fires our enthusiasm. Inevitably, we are left wondering quite where it will all end in an age that is wedded to Post-Modernism’s anti-absolutist world views, but these little concerns must never be allowed to smother such an important enquiry. To say this book is challenging is seriously to downplay it; it is a coherent, intelligent and lucid invitation to reconsider the entire meaning of life; because real evidence for the genuine existence of absolutes would change everything.