Under The Fig Tree

Under the Fig Tree is the central course for the Certificate in Bible Studies. The notes are designed to take the reader through the Bible in one year, binding together the Old Testament (Tanakh) and New Testament in a way that establishes Torah (the first five books) as the foundation of all Bible study, whilst taking a generally historic journey through covenant history. The notes are not intended as a commentary but as an example of how the reader will write their own notes as a personal commentary on their studies.

Brief Introduction

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Aim: To read the entire Bible in one year in a structured way, keeping notes in your prayer and study journal.

Resources: The only book that you need for this course is a copy of the Bible. You will read the daily notes as a guide to reading the Bible. Then you will read assigned chapters each day and keep your personal records in your notebook. Your notes will be monitored from time to time by your tutor.

Introduction: When Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) died on the Cross for us and ascended to be at the right hand of the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit to us to give new life and direct access to God our Father through faith in Him. The Holy Spirit revived us and is always with us to be our teacher.

When we read the Bible we should do so in a prayerful attitude, expecting the Holy Spirit to give us inspiration and understanding. We can help one another to become confident to study the Bible in this way. This is the purpose of this course of structured daily readings. The brief comments are simply to help you to begin your studies. It is very important that you seek the Lord for yourself and not copy somebody else’s ideas. This is not a test of what someone else has learned, but it is a special record of what God has said to you. We are not looking for new ideas, just something special brought to you from your stage of walking with God. In the coming years there will be new things to see as we grow in faith and maturity.

You must set aside regular times of the day when you can read the set portions, pray and seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Then write brief notes that are personal to you and can also be shown from time to time to your tutor, who will monitor your progress and encourage you.

Each day you will have assigned readings. For each of the readings write in your notebook:

  1. The Bible Verses you have read
  2. Brief notes on what you read and how you thought about it
  3. How you were inspired to pray

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