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This study is all about knowing God.

There is a difference between knowing about Him and knowing Him. Knowing about Him is a theoretical thing and can be done at a distance. We can know facts about God and still not know Him personally. Knowing Him, as He intends us to know Him, involves building a personal relationship. Through Jesus we are invited to a relationship more intimate than between a human father and his child. It is more pure and intimate even than the relationship between a husband and wife. Getting to know Him is like an immersion process.As you use this study guide, pray that you will be drawn closer into God’s presence, abiding in His Spirit, more and more.

Pray and expect this to happen for you. Each of the themes for study should be taken in this way, as we build an understanding step by step. The study guide introduces points for meditation and should be studied prayerfully. Ask God to draw near and bring inspiration as you study these themes, and see if you are led by the Holy Spirit in unique and special ways.

This study can be done alone or in a group. If you study alone, expect God to lead you personally through the studies. If you study in a group you should be sensitive to the leading of God both individually and for the whole group. Be sensitive to one another and join together in a prayerful approach.

As you progress through the studies you should expect to understand how to know God better and also grow in your experience of knowing Him. Ultimately this is a total immersion in the Spirit of God. See how far God takes you in this as we study together.

The study may take a short time or a long time. Proceed at the pace most suited to you. You are studying the most important thing that can be studied. For us to know God personally as Father and Friend, in deep reverence yet in profound intimacy, is the chief goal of every person on the face of the earth. The central reason that Jesus went to the Cross was to make this possible for us.