by Clifford Denton

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This book is a compilation of papers written over recent years.

In the book I have emphasised the fact of there being one covenant community with one teaching and one purpose – to walk (halakh) together with God. I have introduced some of the major Hebrew words (Yeshua for Jesus, Torah for teaching, Halakhah for walking with God) in order to contribute a little to the restoration of hebraic terms in a Church that has drifted too far into Greek philosophical ideas in its scriptural interpretation. I have tried particularly to be sensitive and clear in my use of these terms in the balance of God’s teaching through the whole of Scripture. The whole of Scripture is the teaching of God.

However, I generally use the word Torah as applying specifically to the foundation of all Bible teaching laid in the first five books of the Bible, so freeing these books from the word law which I use specifically in relation to the clear legal instructions and their interpretation given to Moses at Sinai. The “Law of Moses” is therefore a subset of Torah, and can also apply to the authoritative interpretation of what was given through Moses in the Wilderness years. In this way we can see that grace always came before law, the life of faith always being higher than ritual legalism, setting the scene for our prime call into a walk by faith in fellowship with God by the power of His Spirit.