The ministry of Tishrei began in the autumn of 1992 with the launch of a journal of the same name. The purpose of the journal was to encourage a fresh exploration of the true roots of the Christian faith. We are among a growing number of ministries who recognise that the Christian Church has been weakened. Philosophies and practices of ancient Greece and Rome have, to some extent, replaced the original Hebraic foundations. Relationships between the Church and Israel have also suffered.

Now is the time to restore the original foundations of the Christian faith in communities of believers, so that we will be strong for the days ahead. Many of the original articles from the journal are available on this web site along with new articles that continue to emphasise the original purpose of Tishrei.

One of the key objectives of Tishrei is to encourage in-depth Bible study. Through home groups and the facility of local centres for prayer and study, the Bible School is brought to the local community. To this end, we offer a mentor-based Bible study programme. This web site contains a number of study courses that can be read online or downloaded. Further in-depth studies are offered to those who join our mentoring programme.