A visit to the Northern town of Kiryat Shmona.

Shalom dear brothers and sisters,

Last week Daniel and Filipe travelled up North to Yehuda’s base as well as to the town of Kiryat Shmona

We provided the units there with much-needed gear, from simple products such as towels and candy bars to harder-to-get items such as G-Shock combat watches and drones.

It was an incredible trip, seeing the soldiers who left their families, their jobs, their studies, and their entire lives to fight for our way of life, fight for our freedom, fight for democracy!
This isn’t just a conflict, this is a battle of light against darkness!
these wonderful men (& women) are the bulwark that protects us from evil and I thank God for every one of them.
Being able to enter the base and interview these fine young men and women was a privilege that I didn’t expect, but because it was Pastor Yehuda’s unit, we were able to do so, expecting over the next few days to see some extraordinary interviews.

After that, we drove to the Northern town of Kiryat Shmona, known for being the primary target of the PLO in the 70s and Hezbollah in the 90s Katyusha rockets. It is a ghost town… the residents were evacuated (along with all the towns within 5 km of the border with Lebanon), and the only movement was that of military personnel and vehicles.

This time we met with an officer stationed there and after providing him with the items he requested, he agreed to do a short interview with us, sharing his gratitude, and how much it supports him and his unit to know that you stand with him and support him.
Please click on the thumbnail below to see the interview with the officer.

After that, we made a short video about Kiryat Shmona and the situation here in the North, click on the thumbnail below to see it.

Please continue to pray for our troops, for the situation and for the captured in Gaza.