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Dear brothers and sisters

Israel is at war.

We know how much Israel means to you, and how much you care about the work Netivyah does.
It is not our way to ask for money. Instead, we ask you to help us by spreading the word.

The situation is very dire and very sudden. Many soldiers are at the frontlines and left their families suddenly, with not much but their uniform. Many soldiers completely lack very essential military equipment. Among these soldiers, there are many Messianic soldiers at the frontlines, too.

The urgent need for quality military equipment is rising daily, because the national lack is great and most shops are often completely sold-out. The prices are extremely costly. Therefore, we are in need of the help of whomever of our friends of Israel wish (and are able) to lend a hand. 

We encounter many bumps along the road. The social media do not allow us to post about the war – and so, we cannot reach as many people as we had hoped to reach. 

We reach out to ask for your help. We do not ask you for money, but to please forward this message to as many friends of Israel and congregations as possible, so we can supply as many soldiers as possible with these essential products.

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