Join Us in Supporting Holocaust Survivors this Passover”❤🔯

Greetings from Jerusalem,

Today there are around 160,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, their average age is 86. About 31,500 survivors have passed the age of 90, and at least 1,000 are centenarians.

While the number of survivors is decreasing, the cost of treating them is not. The survivors need individual care at home to improve their quality of life and avoid difficulties that could result in institutionalization, which is particularly traumatic for them.

Netivyah has been accompanying Holocaust survivors for many years in cooperation with other organizations that do many social activities for Holocaust survivors, some of them at Netivyah such as festive holiday meals.

(Pictures from our recent event.)

It is very important for us to provide them with a warm and loving place, where they can hold events adapted especially for them. At these events, they meet each other, share their daily experiences, sing, eat and most of all have fun.

(Pictures from our recent event.)

This coming Pesach we will host a group of about 60 Holocaust survivors. It is very important to us, to welcome them warmly and to show our love and appreciation for this special generation that has experienced such hardships in life. Thanks to their tremendous efforts we can live here in the Land of Israel. Our event will include songs, some words of encouragement, and a great meal.

Like every holiday, we bless these special guests with a holiday gift card of 100 shekels, in addition to the festive meal.

(Pictures from our recent event.)

We invite you to participate in this event and help us support this special generation that has gone through so much.

Let’s open our hearts and show them some love and appreciation.

Click here to adopt a holocaust survivor

Blessings from Jerusalem,

The Netivyah Staff