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Shalom dear brothers and sisters,

The ground assault on Gaza has begun!
After two weeks of strategic bombing by the Israeli airforce, and short ventures into and back out of the Gaza strip for reconnaissance, to extract bodies of those taken on October 7th, or to search for clues to where the hostages were taken, as well as prepare the land for the ground entry, by clearing landmines and destroying obstacles.

On Saturday, October 28th, The IDF entered from the Northeast on the coast, in what was formerly the Jewish settlements of Gush Katif, from the Northwest, and from the West (center), splitting the Northern Gaza strip into sections. The troops are working slowly and methodically, their mission objective is to dismantle the Hamas’s military and administrative abilities, but their priorities are to protect the soldiers and save the hostages.

On the night between Sunday at Monday during a daring joint operation of the IDF and the ISA (Israel Securities Association) (AKA the Shabak), an Israeli soldier, Private Ori Magidish, who was taken prisoner on October 7th was rescued! this operation was only an option due to the ground forces operating within Gaza.

Now is the time to support the soldiers, now is the time for prayer!
click on the link below for the Daniel Sterns update on the ground assault into Gaza! We are gearing up the troops and we need YOUR help to do so!

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