War criminal’s pastor son comes to weep with Israel.

by Charles Gardner.

The son of a Nazi war criminal has flown to Israel to encourage her people to remain strong in the midst of the barbarity committed against them.

Austrian-born Pastor Werner Oder, who leads the Tuckton Christian Centre in Bournemouth, England, had a radical conversion to Christ who set him free from the demonic spirit of antisemitism and gave him a special love for the Jewish people.

On arriving at Tel Aviv, a border control officer asked him: “Why are you coming to Israel when everyone is leaving?”

Werner replied: “I have come from the UK to lend my support to Israel at this time, to tell them that I love them, to be with them in times of danger, to grieve with them and share their sorrow.”

The man was so moved he almost forget to check his passport.

“God is using this awful tragedy to make the world wake up to the responsibility of bringing Hamas and their sympathizers to justice,” Werner reported from Israel.

“My ancestors sympathized with Hitler – killing men, women and children, bayonetting babies, torturing children. Few of their war criminals were brought to justice. Instead, they were recruited by the governments of post-war nations who permitted their demonic spirit to mutate into the evil we have seen this week in Israel.”

He added: “I am still numb with the shock of witnessing in my days a repeat of Holocaust atrocities.”

But he is encouraged that, this time, there are millions praying for the victims and he expects to see divine miracles.

But he has strong words of condemnation for deluded ‘Christian’ volunteers working for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and telling the church back home that Israelis are the criminals, and Palestinians the victims.

“Not even the Nazis did what Hamas is doing, and no animal does what these murderers of women and children did.”

He did wonder, however, whether Israel was heading for what the prophet Jeremiah described as “a time of trouble for Jacob” (Jer 30:7).

Back in the spring when millions of Christians worldwide took part in 21 days prayer and fasting for Israel, Werner was encouraged because such a thing had never been done before on this scale.

In his book, Battling with Nazi Demons (Onwards and Upwards Publishers), Werner wrote: “The demonic spirit that inspires radical fundamentalist Islam is the same spirit that has tried to destroy the Jewish people throughout history.”

As for himself, he testifies: “Today I am set free from the satanic legacy of terror and fear; no longer tormented by my father’s past, no longer burdened by collective guilt, no longer troubled by the conspiracy of silence. I enjoy the immense freedom Christ brought to my soul.

“I am grateful to know God’s peace and to be enjoying a wonderful life blessed with total deliverance from the demonic heritage of Nazi Germany. In addition, my quest for the truth led me to find my real identity and, in doing so, discover the purpose for my existence.”

Also showing support for Israel, Christians are planning to walk through Jewish areas of London this weekend under the banner of Christian Action Against Antisemitism led by a church pastor, who says they will be carrying Israeli flags and praying for the communities concerned.